Biota News


Houston, April 1, 2021. Biota Technology, the pioneer of industrial genomics, today announces the creation of a new business line to manage pathogen risk in the post-pandemic economy.

Monitoring pandemics with wastewater

Following the recent transaction with Novozymes, Biota is launching diagnostics in an emerging, high-growth opportunity to further broaden its genomic platform: high throughput genomic monitoring of wastewater to detect and defend against pathogen risks.

“Biota’s new offering addresses a global, long-term need to detect and proactively mitigate risks associated with potential disease outbreaks,” said Ajay Kshatriya, Board Chairman.  “Genomic wastewater monitoring enables early intervention and broad protection for employees, customers, and the general public in a variety of enterprise segments.”

Biota recently entered into a collaboration with Pangolin Health to develop technical workflows and analytic methods for a number of customers in the Southwestern US.

“Biota offered us the opportunity to leverage their extraordinary work in difficult industrial environments into the similarly challenging wastewater setting.  Because pathogen detection in wastewater is comprehensive, inclusive and always on, it’s an instrumental source of critical data for pandemic management and control. This is relevant both for the current coronavirus and its variant strains, and the next pathogen,” says, Dr. Bryan Walser, M.D., Executive Chairman of Pangolin Health.

Sustainable growth for the global energy market

Along with new investments in pathogen diagnostics, Biota continues to grow its core energy business. Recent efforts include geographic expansion via strategic engagements with a national oil company in the Middle East, and further developing solutions for customers in conventional and unconventional plays. Additionally, Biota is expanding the energy market opportunity with low carbon product concepts in carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) and geothermal energy.

As Biota continues to advance its industrial genomics platform across multiple sectors, the company leadership is evolving with the appointment  of Mathias Schlecht, Ph.D. to Chief Executive Officer and Ajay Kshatriya to Chairman of the Board.

“I’ve never been more excited about Biota’s vision to pioneer industrial genomics across multiple sectors,” said Mathias Schlecht, Chief Executive Officer. “With a global footprint in the energy market and rapidly growing market for pathogen risk management, Biota has the corporate strategy, commercial scale, and technical capabilities to develop new solutions across the industrial sector and create a billion-dollar enterprise.”